1.Land Use

  2.Land use 9 fold Classification

  3.Dist-wise Land use- 2011-12

  4.Agri-Climatic Zones

  5.Zone-wise Cropped Irrigated Area

  6.Monthly Normal Rainfall KSNDMC

  7.Soil Types

  8.Source-wise Irrigation

  9.Dist-wise No.of Irr. Sources

10.Dist. & Source-wise Irrigation

11.Agri  Census 2010-11

12.Talukwise Land Holdings 2010-11

13.2010-11 Dist-wise Land Holdings

14.Area of Agri  Crops 2001-2012

15.Prodn. of Agri  Crops 2001-2012

16.Yield of Agri  Crops 2001-2012

17.Persentage of Irr. RF APY

18.Comparative Yield of major crop

19.Cropping Pattern

20.Crop Season wise normal area

21.Districtseason wise normal area

22.Crop Calendar

23.Crop duration water reqmnt.

24.Agri. Prodn- India Karnataka

25.Area under Agri & Non-agri crop

26.MSP 2013-14

27.Population  Karnataka

28.GSDP Growth Rate 2012-13

29.Sectoral composition of GSDP

30.Fertilizer consumption