To accelerate the growth in Agriculture and allied sectors, the National Development Council,  in its meeting held on 29th May 2007, resolved that a special Additional Central Assistance Scheme-RKVY be launched.   RKVY aims at achieving 4% annual growth rate in the agricultural sector.  The RKVY  programme is being implemented in Karnataka since     2007-08. The main objectives of the scheme are:

        To incentivise States to increase public investment in agriculture sector

        Flexibility and autonomy to states in planning and execution

        To achieve the goal of reducing the yield gaps in important crops

        To maximise returns to the farmers

          RKVY funds would be provided to States as 100% grant by the Central Government.  In the State, Nineteen Departments/Institutions are implementing  this Scheme .        


          Impact of RKVY Scheme in the state are as follows:

Achieved 5.9% agriculture growth rate during 2010-11 with a record food grain production of 139.6 lakh tons

Identification of yield gaps in major crops, strategies & action plans were prepared to bridge the yield gaps

Convergence of various Departments, Universities and other Institutions

Emphasis of IFS for increasing productivity and income on sustainable basis

Establishment of Seed Processing Units and Seed Storage godowns


Sl.No Name of the Project Budget approved
1 Karnatak Farm Mechanisation Mission 70.00
2 Bhoochethana  a sustainable Agriculture Mission  in Karnataka-Phase II  55.00
3 Karnataka Seed Mission 56.10
4 Agro Processing  and  Post Harvest Technology 30.00
5 On Site Organic Farming activities 12.50
6 Popularisation of Mechanised  Transplanting of Rice  3.00
7 Swabeejabhivrudhi Yojane and Strengthening of Seed farms 30.00
8 Improving Rural livelihoods   in Karnataka through -CGIAR initiative 25.50
9 Popularisation of Direct Seed Rice(DSR)/System of Rice Intensification(SRI)  technology 5.00
10 INSIMP- Additional expenditure of 2012-13 to be releasaed under Normal RKVY 5.39
  Department Total 292.49
1 Production and supply of quality planting material of Horticulture crops. 5.00
2 Mechanization in Horticulture  20.00
3 Precision farming in Banana and Vegetables
4 Protected cultivation in Vegetables and Flowers 15.00
5 Promotion of Kitchen and Terrace Gardening 7.50
6 Promotion of Apiculture 5.00
7 Establishment of Horticulture Technology Park 15.00
8 Demonstration of alternate cropping system in Yellow leaf affected areca gardens 2.00
  Total 79.50
9  Production of quality planting material of Coorg mandarin & future horticulture crops through CHES, Chettalli 0.40
10 Demonstration of Bio-Control of Pest and Diseases and integrated crop management practices in protected cultivation of Vegetables & Flowers 0.60
11 Rapid multiplication of IIHR varieties of fruit crops 0.50
  Sub Total 1.50
  UHS Bagalkot  
12 Strengthening Centre for Viticulture, Oenology at Main Campus Bagalkot 2.00
13 Establishing Centre for Soil, Water & Plant diagnostics at Main campus Bagalkot 3.00
14 Establlishment of Centre for Horticulture Biotechnology 3.00
15 Establishing Centre for Vegetable Research & Development 2.00
16 Establishing Horti business & Export Knowledge Centre at Main campus, Bagalkot 1.15
17 Centre for Commercially important Memdicinal and Aromatic crops 1.85
18 Strengthening of Post Harvest Technology Centre 2.00
  Sub Total 15.00
  Department Total 96.00
1 Strengthening of Animal Breeding, Animal Health & Extension Service in Karnataka 6.18
2 Special Livestock Development programme for U.Kannada District 0.45
3 Fodder Development Programme in Karnataka 3.00
4 Dairy & Dairy Infrastructure Development in Karnataka  
a Nandini (KMF) Dairy at Bagalkote - Bijapur & Bagalkote District Co-op. Milk Producers Societies Union Ltd., 5.59
b Establishing of Flexi packing Unit in Belgaum Milk Union (KMF) 10.23
c Assistance to farmers to adopt Modern Dairy Husbandry practices 4.34
  Sub Total 20.16
5 Upgradation of vaccine quality control laboratory and building up of Animal challenge facility 4.50
6 Infrastructure Development in Karnataka Veterinary University, Bidar 4.21
7 Establishment of Common facility Centre at Sheep and Wool Development Scheme, Ranibennur, Haveri District 1.50
8 Establishment of joint DD Scheme with BAIF 10.00
9 Establishment of KMF Dairy, Bagalkot 15.00
  Department Total 65.00
1 Project on Stocking of  Reservoir 2.00
2 Project on Construction of  net mending sheds 1.00
3 Project on Construction of Break Waters 7.00
  Department Total 10.00
1 Construction of   modernised godowns   32.50
  Department Total 32.50
1 Assistance for raising Mulberry nursery 2.50
2 Mechanisation in Mulberry cultivation 2.50
3 Supply of rotary/bamboo mountages(Chandrikes) for Bivoltine farmers and Mysore seed rearers 1.00
4 Assistance for trenching/mulching in mulberry gardens for Bivoltine hybrid seed farmers  3.00
5 Enhancement of soil health -supply of Biofertilisers to bivoltine farmers and seed farmers 1.50
6 Upgradatioin of Govt. Cocoon markets 2.50
  Karnataka State Sericulture Research & Development Institute   
7 a.  Moriculture- Improvement and sustainability of leaf & quality through integrated soil health management, field demonstrations, trainings and popularisation of new mulberry varieties of KSSRDI 0.18
  b. Sericulture- improvement of Bivoltine production through transfer of technologies 0.32
  Department Total 13.50
1 Completion of balance programme of RVP projects 25.00
2 Construction of water harvest structures/bunds  for saturation of watersheds under Desert Development Programme 10.00
  Department Total 35.00
1 Establishment of Water Technology Centre for Cauvery Command 2.50
2 Strengthening of Organic Farming Research under RIOF 1.00
3 Design and development of multiple use  farm machinery equipments 0.50
4 Adoption of information and communication technology for issuing IPM advisories 0.50
5 Integrated Farming System Demonstration 2.00
6 Augmenting fodder production & establishing Fodder Seed Bank at UAS, Bangalore 1.00
7 Ruralisation of Bakery & Value addition Industry-a self sustainable income generating enterprise for women self help group 1.00
8 Incubation centre for use of Sericulture waste through value addition 0.50
9 Direct marketing initiatives for agricultural and horticultural produce 0.50
10 Golden Jubilee Raita Bhavana at GKVK Campus 5.50
  Institution Total 15.00
1 Intervention through Nano Science and Technology in Crop improvement and crop husbandry practices 4.50
2 Research on integrated weed management strategies  by  cutting edge 'cost effective and labour saving' technologies to alleviate diminishing labour force in agriculture 0.79
3 Molecular and Phenotypic characterisation of Cotton Transgenic events for biotic and abiotic stress tolerance 1.50
4 Breeding for biotic stress & drought tolerance in major field crops for increasing productivity under changing climate conditions through Molecular assisted selection 3.50
5 Development of affluent, novel microbial ecotechnologies for sustainable agriculture, food and bio-energy security 0.54
6 Development of multi-functional agri-robot for agricultural operations 0.15
7 Agricultural market intelligence & market planning 0.42
8 Identification & Utilisation of semio-chemicals in management of key pests of field crops 0.70
9 Investigation on the agroforestry based value chain systems in rural areas of U.Kannada district 0.90
10 Genomics  approaches for drought stress & disease management in crop plants  2.00
  Institution Total 15.00
  10. UAS, RAICHUR  
1 Application of Nano technology in Enhancing quality of Agricultural produce 1.00
2 Climate change and its effect on important agricultural crops of Hyderabad Karnataka region 1.50
3 Establishment of Research Institute on Organic Farming in Hyderabad Karnataka Region 2.00
4 Augmenting crop productivity of Major crops(Pigeonpea, Chickpea, Groundnut & Cotton) of Hyderabad Karnataka region through seed polymeralisation & foliar spray of micronutrient 1.00
5 Development, evaluation and demonstration of Solar & other renewable energy systems 2.00
6 Processing and Value addition technology for Millets for Nutritional security in Hyderabad Karnataka regioin 2.00
7 Leaf Reddening & its Management in Bt Cotton 0.50
8 Identification of suitable Guar varieties for rainfed situations & Mustard for rice fallows and its processing and value addition 1.50
9 Impact of pesticide application and monitoring of pesticide recidues in agroclimatic zones of Hyderabad Karnataka regions 2.50
10 e-Pest surveillance in selected crop ecosystems through e-SAP 1.00
  Institution Total 15.00
  11. UAHS, Shimoga  
1 Improving livelihood of farmers through varietal replacement with new and potential varieties / hybrids in rice and sunflower 1.00
2 Precision farming  technique for site-specific nutrient, water & pest  management in Coconut, Coffee & Onion 0.75
3 Establishment of farm machinery workshop cum service and training centre 2.00
4 Increasing livelihood and economy of farmers by introduction and popularization of gaur : a potential export oriented crop in Karnataka 0.75
5 Popularization of multi-storied cropping systems in arecanut and coconut plantations in Karnataka state 2.00
6 Popularisation of high value Horticultural Crops under protected cultivation for economical sustainability 1.50
7 Mass multiplication of Horticultural crops through micro propogation and traditional system of plant propagation 2.50
8 Biofertiliser and bio-control agents production towards meeting demand of Organic farming for sustained agri-horticultural production in Malnad and Coastal areas of Karnataka State 0.90
9 Poverty alleviation through bee keeping in malnad region of Karnataka 0.70
10 Development of rural aquaculture through improved technologies for enhancing production and potentialities of weed infested tanks and other water resources in hill zone of Karnataka 0.75
11 Nutritional and disease management in arecanut crop 0.90
12 Other Project 1.25
  Institution Total 15.00
1 Strengthening of Infrastructure facilities for Seed Processing and Scientific Seed Storage  23.00
2 Development & Introduction of Bt Cotton hybrids through Public Sector Agencies in Karnataka through KSSC in Co-ordination with UAS, Dharwad/Raichur 2.00
  Institution Total 25.00
1 Construction of Quality Control Divisional level Seed Producer/Grower training Centres of KSSCA  3.00
2 Construction of Seed Testing Laboratory  and Training  Complex of KSSCA at Raichur 0.50
3 Promoting Organic Certification in the State 1.50
  Institution Total 5.00
1 Construction of  godowns for Scientific storage of agricultural produces under Post Harvest Management 5.00
1 Strengthening infrastructure facilities for Vermi Compost production 1.00
  16. KSNDMC  
1 Installation  of Telemetric Raingauges at 3097 Grama Panchyaths in Karnataka State   37.50
  Administrative Cost 6.90
1 Initiative for Nutritional Security through Intensive Millet Promotion (INSIMP/Nutri Cereals) 13.50
2 Vegetable Initiative for Urban Clusters 9.00
3 Oil Palm Area Extension 15.00
4  Rainfed Area Development Programme(RADP) 20.00
5 National Mission on Protein Supplements 13.50
  Sub Schemes Total 71.00
  GRAND TOTAL 755.89