1 Gross State Domestic Product

Projected Population of Karnataka 1992 - 2025

3 Agricultual Holdings
4 Agro-Climatic Zones

Traditional Soil Groups of Karnataka and their Geographic Distribution

6 Land Utilisation Statistics of Karnataka State from 1982-83 to 1997-98
7 Sourwise Net and Gross irrigated area
8 Season-wise Rainfall and annual foodgrains production in Karnataka
9 Estimated requirement of Foodgrains, Edible Oil,Sugar and Cotton in Karnataka

District-wise and Season-wise details of major Agricultural Crops in Karnataka

11 Year-wise Seed Distribution
12 Statement Showing The Yearwise And Nutrient Wise Use Of Fertilisers In The State.
12(a) Productwise Consumption Of Fertilsers in Karnataka- Yearwise ( Total of All Firms) in M.Ts
12(b) Government of India Adhoc Subsidy Scheme on Fertilisers and claims made by Karnataka from 1992 - 93 to 1999 - 2000
12(c) Notified Grades Of NPK Fertiliser Mixtures In Karnataka

Fees Structure Related To Fertilisers As Per Fco 1985

13 Yearwise Area covered and Consumption of Pesticides
14 Organisational Setup (Field, Taluka And District Levels)
15 Budget Provision And Expenditure During   1989-90 To 2000-2001
16 Comparision of Outlay for Agriculture under Plan and Non-plan to the Total State Plan and Non-plan Outlays for the last 9 years (1992-93 to 2000-2001)(Rs. in crores)
17 Comparative statement showing Area,Production and Yield and consumption of fertilisers in Karnataka and India- 1997-98