Requirement of Food:

In case of foodgrains, the State has achieved self sufficency. In case of Pulses, only about 50% of the requirement is produced. With respect to Oilseeds, there is a marginal shortfall. There is no shortfall in case of Sugar and Cotton. Details on estimated requirement of foodgrains, edible oil, sugar and cotton is presented in Table-9.


Seasonal Discipline:

Agricultural production in the State is divided / spread over three seasons namely Kharif, Rabi and Summer. These seasons account for nearly 70%, 22% and 8% of annual foodgrain production respectively. Similarly, in case of Oilseeds, this ratio is of the order of 70%, 15% and 15%.

Normally,  area coverage under Kharif, Rabi and Summer seasons is around 70 lakh hectares, 30 lakh hectares and 6 lakh hectares, respectively.