Department of Agriculture is maintaining four Agricultural Development Centres in the State. The main objective of these Agricultural Development Centres is to decide suitable cropping pattern and scientific irrigation system to the newly irrigated areas of irrigation projects. The results obtained from the experiments conducted on these lines are being disseminated to the farmers by organising demonstrations and field days in these Agricultural Development Centres. In addition to this, these Agricultural Development Centres are also being used as a link in quality seed production by growing foundation and certified seeds.

A few important details of these Agricultural Development Centres are given below:

  1. Agricultural Development Centre, Thyavanagi.

    Taluk: Channagiri, Dist. Davanagere

    Year of starting: 1974-75.

    Total Area: 82.38 ha.

    Cultivable area: 48.00 ha.(irrigated)

    Crops: Paddy, Ragi, Hy.Maize, Tur and Blackgram.

  1. Agricultural Development Centre, Konnur.

Taluk: Nargund, Dist. Gadag.

Year of starting: 1971.

Total area: 38.96 ha.

Cultivable area: (i) Dry - 5.82 ha.

(ii) Wet -24.55ha.

Total 30.37 ha.

Crops: Safflower, Bengalgram, Wheat, Sunflower

  1. Agricultural Development Centre, Dhadesugur.

Taluk: Sindhanur, Dist. Koppal,

Year of starting: 1943.

Total area: 117.66 ha.

Cultivable area (i) Wet - 8.00 ha.

(ii) Dry - 55.04 ha.

Total - 63.04 ha.

Crops: Paddy, Rabi Jowar, Bengalgram, Sesamum, Safflower.

4. Agricultural Development Centre, Dharwar.

Taluk & Dist.: Dharwar.

Year of starting: 1975-76.

Total area: 29.74 ha.

Cultivable area: 16.00 ha. (i) Dry 14 ha.

(ii) Wet 2 ha.

Crops: Wheat, Rabi Jowar, Bengalgram, Safflower, Sunflower.