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ۦ , MV - 560 001

Os}V _ 4(1)G }ߡ @O ҅MV O۾% V 4(1) V

Indexing and Cataloging of Records
Commissionerate of Agriculture, Bangalore

Sheshadri Road, Bangalore - 560 001.

Additional Director of Agriculture (Organic Farming) PIO


Joint Director of Agriculture (Inputs) dMn O %O (O)

                V M}y þVľ         4(1)A                                  4(1)B

                y| AV                                4(1)A                                   4(1)B

                d ɺV                                                     4(1)A                                   4(1)B
                V V ھ V                    4(1)A                                  4(1)B

                V ڡ                              4(1)A                                 4(1)B

                d O}V                                                      4(1)A                                  4(1)B

                d sO Oz þVľ          4(1)A                                4(1)B
                d y| O                             4(1)A                                   4(1)B
                  MOz                                 4(1)A                                  4(1)B
               V s %z                    4(1)A                       4(1)B
                O YlO                             4(1)A                                 4(1)B