Sunflower Necrosis Disease


Stage of the Crop:


Vegetative stage:

Flowering stage:

Mode of Transmission:

Management of the disease:

Prophylactic spray at 15 days interval with systemic insecticides like Dimecron (0.1%) or Imidacloprid (Confidoe) (0.1%)to control possible insect vectors after sowing.


Remove the weeds and self crops, in and around fields.

Sow sorghum (3 to 4 rows) as a border crop.

Treat the seeds with Imidacloprid.  4 g/kg of seed to protect the crop from insect vectors during early stage of the crop.


Keep the plots weed free throughout the growing period.

Monitor the fields frequently (every alternate day) for the incidence of the disease.

Carefully uproot and destroy by burying the infected plants as and when noticed in the field.

Prophylactic sprays (3 to 4) at 15 days interval starting from 15 days old seedling to 50 % flowering stage with systemic insecticides like, Phosphamidon (0.1%) or Imidocloprid (0.1%) or Metasystox (0.2%) to control the insector vectors.